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PODCAST: How Uncertainty Leads to Stress and How We Can Cope – Crazy Wisdom

Key Takeaways

  • The role of randomness in life is really hard for us to accept, especially on the success side
    • It’s MUCH easier to accept randomness when things don’t go our way
  • The way we process the world is driven by our belief structure as opposed to our belief structure being formed by how we process the world
  • Learning is like a competition between the present and future versions of you
    • When we’re confronted with the possibility that we’re wrong, we do all sorts of cognitive gymnastics to try to hold on to our belief
      • But this is a problem – in order to grow as a person, (and become smarter/more knowledgeable), you’ll HAVE to eventually discover that there are things you’re not right about in the present moment
  • Humans view ideas that are different from their own as a threat
  • One of the downsides of technology is all the information we’re exposed to. At a certain point, it doesn’t really add value – it just adds confidence.
    • Because of this – The more strongly we hold a belief, the less we’ll be open to new information
  • If two people who are very well informed hold opposite and equally extreme views, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle
  • Redefine what does/doesn’t cause you pain in terms of things that contradict your own beliefs