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Category: Interview

Deloitte Insights Magazine: The game-changing magic of knowing when to quit

In a world that champions hard work and perseverance as the keys to success, quitting is hard. Sometimes it feels downright shameful, especially when you’ve invested time, energy, or money into a decision. However, to become a smarter decision-maker, you need to master the art of quitting, argues Annie Duke.

Annie Duke on “In Good Company” Podcast: Quitting, Bill Gates, and Poker

Annie Duke: Quitting, Bill Gates, and poker In the face of tough decisions, we’re terrible quitters. And that is significantly holding us back. In this episode, Annie Duke blends her experience at the poker table with her academic background, offering unique insights into the human psyche, decision-making and quitting. ABOUT

Money Mountaineering with Actuary Peter Neuwirth: Episode 7 with Annie Duke

A Note from Actuary and Author Peter Neuwirth, FSA, FCA — I invite you to tune in for this week’s episode of my podcast and video show, Money Mountaineering, where for 30 minutes, financial experts help us answer the question: What’s your future worth? Meet our guest: Bestselling Author Annie Duke Today’s topic: When

Reuters: Poker legend Annie Duke on why quitting can be a good thing

NEW YORK, Oct 28 – At this point, it seems like everyone is talking about the trend of “quiet quitting,” where employees slowly start disengaging from their work. Well, Annie Duke has a suggestion for you: Quit at full volume. The legendary poker player has a new book out on

Slate: An Expert Decision-Maker Explains How to Get Better at Quitting

This week, host June Thomas talks to Annie Duke, an author and former professional poker player whose latest book is Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away. In the interview, Annie explains why she’s trying to rehabilitate the word “quit.” She also uses examples to illustrate why quitting is

Podcast & Video: Roger Dooley Conversation

Annie Duke sits down with Roger Dooley to discuss her new book, How to Decide, decision-making, freerolls, and more. Watch or listen now. Link to full episode page → discussion with Roger Dooley includes: A synopsis of the science behind decision-making. How bias plays into the decision-making process. Why it’s

#RenewDemocracy Rally

Annie joined Renew Democracy for their #RenewDemocracy Rally on President’s Day, Feb 15th, 2021 The rally wasorganized around the foundational principles of our nation: Civic Duty, Fairness, Freedom, and Opportunity.