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Decision Fatigue Is Real. Here’s How to Beat It This Year.

Read full article here >> It’s no fun to admit it, but stalling is a decision in and of itself, says Annie Duke, a former professional poker player and author of “How to Decide.” Remind yourself that many decisions can be undone or tweaked later, she says. Picture yourself a

Podcast/Interview: Art of Charm

How to improve decision making skills in life. Decision making is a skill we all use everyday but one that few of us master, so why is the skill of decision making overlooked, what can you do to master it, and what can we learn about decision making from a

Podcast: A Slight Change of Plans

Annie Duke believes we should be quitting things more often, a skill she honed during her lucrative years as a professional poker player on the world stage. Annie talks about the science of quitting, and shows us how to get out of our own way and learn to quit when

Podcast: Choiceology: Season 8 Episode 6

Anticipating and planning for obstacles can sometimes be more powerful than adopting a positive mindset. After you listen Risk management is one of the most important parts of financial planning, but there are some possible outcomes that are especially unpleasant to think about. One of these is cognitive decline as

Podcast: The HPS Cast

In the Season 4 premier of HPS Cast Podcast, host Colbert Cannon is joined by world renowned former professional poker player, Annie Duke. Having studied at Columbia and pursuing a PhD at Penn State University, today, Duke is a philanthropist, a public speaker and bestselling author. Her book, Thinking in

Podcast: McChrystal Group Presents No Turning Back

Poker is a game of risk. The chances you take, the bets you make, determine the loss, or the reward. It’s a heated calculus of quick decision-making, gut instinct, and strategy. This week, on the second episode of the Risk mini-series on No Turning Back, Stan and Chris speak to

Positivity Is Overrated: How Negative Thinking Can Make Us Happier

As Annie Duke explains in her book How to Decide, your life is largely determined by two things: the quality of your decisions and the luck that you get. At times in your life, you might make great decisions but be plagued with bad luck that leads to bad outcomes. No matter