As a speaker to business and professional groups since 2002, Annie Duke combines her experience as a professional poker player with the most advanced thinking on decision making, integrating psychology, economics, game theory, and neuroscience. Each speech is a unique experience, for her and the audience, because she tailors her message to the decision challenges of that group, and because she continually updates and refines her approach by incorporating new and fresh illustrations from popular culture, sports, politics and current events, social-science research, business, financial markets, and entrepreneurship.

Annie's approach to decision making incorporates numerous aspects of five concepts:

  • Embracing uncertainty;
  • Using a betting-type process to put ranges on beliefs, confidence, probabilities, and potential results;
  • Protecting against emotions that interfere with decisions;
  • Building a diverse group of fellow truthseekers and learning to communicate as a group; and
  • Learning to from experience what outcomes mean (and don't mean) and incorporating that into calibrating future decisions.

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Media Kit

Annie’s media kit includes high resolution images, as well as her bio and a fact sheet with key information, including links to media, videos and more.