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EMAIL NEWSLETTER: September 10th, 2020


As most of you have heard by now, due to a printer snafu How to Decide is delayed until October 13th. This is certainly frustrating but as I say, we can’t control luck, but we can control how we react to it. 

So in the meantime, I have a couple of cool things to share with you. First, please enjoy this preview of the audio version! Second, I hope you’ll join me join me for an AMA to celebrate the (delayed) launch of How to Decide!
I hope you enjoy.

Thank you,

Please enjoy this preview of the audiobook:

Join me for an exclusive Zoom “Ask Me Anything” on October 15th where I will read an excerpt of my new book, How to Decide, and answer your questions.
How to join:
Simply pre-order my book by 10/12/2020. Use this form to submit proof of purchase and an automated email confirmation will be sent to you with the private Zoom link to join the conversation.

Pre-order link:

Link to submit your proof of purchase and join my exclusive AMA:

US Residents, 18+. Ends October 12, 2020. See terms at
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