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Annie regularly shares her insights and ideas through the media. Her latest book, Quit, has been featured in the Wall Street JournalThe Washington Post, and on The Today Show, among other outlets. Take a look at some of her recent interviews on leading podcasts and publications, as well as pieces she has authored.

Ep. 629: Annie Duke Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

The Investor’s Podcast: The Art Of Decision Making w/ Annie Duke

Kyle Grieve chats with Annie Duke about her own story of quitting and how it helped sparked the idea for one of her books, the importance of base rates in helping us make better decisions, how to improve our investing processes when we have long feedback loops, the importance of

Deloitte Insights Magazine: The game-changing magic of knowing when to quit

In a world that champions hard work and perseverance as the keys to success, quitting is hard. Sometimes it feels downright shameful, especially when you’ve invested time, energy, or money into a decision. However, to become a smarter decision-maker, you need to master the art of quitting, argues Annie Duke.

Annie Duke on “In Good Company” Podcast: Quitting, Bill Gates, and Poker

Annie Duke: Quitting, Bill Gates, and poker In the face of tough decisions, we’re terrible quitters. And that is significantly holding us back. In this episode, Annie Duke blends her experience at the poker table with her academic background, offering unique insights into the human psyche, decision-making and quitting. ABOUT

Reason: “Quitting Is Totally Underrated”

Quitting is massively underrated, says Annie Duke, an author, psychologist, and former professional poker player who holds a bracelet from the 2004 World Series of Poker. Her latest book is Quit: The Power of Knowing When To Walk Away. Using examples ranging from Muhammad Ali’s refusal to retire from boxing earlier

X Talks with Annie Duke on Why Quitters Win

How can you tell the difference between a worthwhile challenge and a waste of time? World champion poker player and bestselling author Annie Duke returned to X to talk to us about the psychological barriers that prevent us from quitting pursuits that no longer serve us. Using analogies that spanned

WSJ: You’ve Never Had It So Good. That’s Why You’re Stuck.

How much would you be willing to pay to be happier in a certain area of your life? And, if you were considering entering into the same arrangement today, knowing all you know now, would you choose it? Behavioral scientists call this the endowment effect. Whether a coffee mug or

The Provocateurs Podcast: Episode 15 w/Annie Duke — Playing your cards right

Former professional poker player Annie Duke is a master of decision making. In this Provocateurs podcast, hosted by Stuart Crainer of Thinkers50 and Steve Goldbach of Deloitte, she challenges us to examine our own biases and self-narratives to focus on the things we can control, in order to make better choices.  By

HBR On Strategy Podcast: Quitting Can Sometimes Be a Strategic Success

Quitting is often associated with failure — whether it’s a project, job, career, or company. But Annie Duke, an author and former professional poker champion, argues that quitting can sometimes be a strategic success. “Grit is great. Sometimes you see something that other people don’t see,” she tells IdeaCast host Alison Beard.