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MediaCat Magazine: Annie Duke: lessons in sticking and quittingMediaCat Magazine:

I have a friend who’s founder of a biotech start-up that’s run out of road and he knows it’s time to wind it up

He’s ready to quit, the German investors are ready to quit, but the Korean investors are dragging their feet. Why? This morning, when we went to get a coffee and talk about it, the queue in our usual place was more than three people: he wanted to wait it out, but I persuaded him to move to another coffee shop. I had my usual flat white, even though I don’t like that much milk. The barista tried to persuade me to switch to a cortado instead, but I stuck with what I know. 

We all have a problem knowing what to quit, when to quit and how to do it. 

Instead, we grit our teeth. Persevere. The obstacle is the way. It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get up. 

I’m someone who helps companies create verbal branding and society’s verbal branding of sticking it out (so many expressions for it, all so positive) seems far more attractive than its verbal branding of giving up (sounds terrible, doesn’t it?).

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