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Substack: My Next Maven Cohort Starts in Two Weeks!

A comprehensive course on how to make better decisions

My next cohort based decision making class launches on March 6th and is open for enrollment now!

All Substack readers are eligible for a $300 discount off the course. Just use the code Substack300 when you enroll. If you are a founding member, please hit me up in the comments below as founding members are entitled to a $400 discount.

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I have taught decision making strategy to many audiences, including co-leading the Effective Decision Making class in the Executive Education Program at The Wharton School. Some of my students are new to my work and some that have read all my books.

I love writing about decision-making but I love teaching it even more. Reading about the concepts I explore in my books is a good start to becoming a better decision-maker but I believe live classes offer the best way to to really master the topic.

My maven course offers a mix of lectures, case studies, break out sessions, Q and A, live coaching, demonstrations, and three bonus office hours. This is part of what I love about teaching, the ability to really interact and dig deep with my students. The more you wrestle with the concepts in making real decisions, the more you are able to truly master the material.

Everyone can engage synchronously and/or asynchronously since we record all the classes.

The advantage of being in a cohort-based course is that you will work on the material with a community of like-minded people. Brilliant minds from all over the world came together for Cohort 1 to learn from each other and lift each other up. Having learned the foundations of excellent decision making in the course, they now continue to meet with each other months later to discuss ideas and support each other. 

Here are some testimonials from Cohort 1: 

“I have read all of Annie’s books and listened to a bunch of her podcasts and teach an internal decision making class at my company, so much of this material was a refresher, but a refresher in a good way – seeing some of the book materials in action in a group setting was helpful. Being able to ask questions of Annie directly was incredibly helpful. A good chunk of the course is dedicated to group decision making, which is most of the high stakes decisions that happen at work. The approach offered is a welcome alternative to the classic “get in a conference room/zoom call and hash it out” approach that I am now working to see if I can get adoption at my company.” – Chris Neumann, CEO at CRO Metrics

“Even having read Annie Duke’s books, this class was incredibly insightful and just made things ‘click’ that hadn’t before. Annie was gracious and open with questions/dialog in class and during office hours, which surfaced quite a few ‘Aha’ moments for me. I’ve taken a few courses with similar 2-week formats (a couple specifically on decision making as well) and this class was by far the most valuable and engaging – this class should be triple the price. Huge thanks to Annie for offering this course!” -Kyle Byrd, Product at Blueprint

“Annie’s course opened a new dimension to her books and ideas about decision making. I was able to apply the concepts to my life right away in practical and useful ways. Annie really knows her stuff.” -Justin Nothling, Founder of 8min

Hoping you will register and join!