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Podcast: Good Decisions. Good Outcomes. – Love Your Work, Episode 197

When something bad happens, it’s tempting to think that you made a bad decision. But the quality of your decision making doesn’t always align with the quality of your outcomes.

Sometimes you make a good decision, and you have a bad outcome. Even more dangerous, sometimes you make a bad decision, and have a good outcome (you’ll learn why).

Annie Duke (@AnnieDuke) is a former professional poker player, and a decision strategist. She’s dedicated to improving decision-making skills around the world amongst adults and children. She’s author of Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • We often think of life as like a game of chess. Why is it actually more like a game of poker?
  • How do we separate luck from skill? Learn the most common mental error people make that holds them back from ever learning to make better decisions.
  • Why do strong opinions make you dumber? Learn how to overcome “motivated reasoning” to make more accurate predictions, and better decisions.