Poker Legend Annie Duke on Making Smarter Decisions

Adam Pascarella interviews Annie Duke, a legendary professional poker player who recently released a book titled┬áThinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts.

The episode begins with Annie discussing how she first became interested in decision making (03:1205:49) and how she discovered its importance at the poker table (05:5008:33). Annie then speaks about analyzing whether a decision is based on skill or luck (08:4414:41) and her ideas on “resulting,” where people judge the quality of decisions based on the quality of outcomes (14:4221:26). She then discusses situations where we can see results in our day-to-day lives (21:2727:07) and how “thinking in bets” can help us become more objective decision makers when, for example, thinking about leaving our job to become an entrepreneur (27:0834:24).

The episode concludes with Annie speaking about the power of the “premortem” when making decisions (34:2540:43) and steps we can take today to become better decision makers (40:4447:31). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit