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Quitting: Why we’re so bad at it and how to get better

My new lightning course on Maven is launching

Our intuition is that quitting will slow down our progress. The reverse is actually true. 

If you walk away from something that is no longer worthwhile, that frees you up to switch to something that is more likely to help you achieve your goals—and you’ll get there faster. 

So why does quitting on time feel like you quit too early? Why is it so hard to walk away from things, whether it is quitting a job that is making you miserable or shutting down a project that is going nowhere?

I’m teaching a free 30-min workshop on Maven about this topic including:

• how to decide when to quit (even if it feels too early)

• cognitive biases that make it hard to walk away

• the Monkeys and Pedestals mental model

Join me live on Tuesday, May 14 at 11 am PT (it’s free!):