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“I believe Substack is our chance to build on what we’ve done together over the past few years with the newsletter and on Twitter. We’re all bound by our interest in decision making, and this next step will make us a real community: more diverse in exploration of opinions and perspectives and connected more closely through our dialogue.” – Annie Duke

How Misinformation Exploits Our Biases

Q&A with Alex Edmans, London Business School finance professor and author of May Contain Lies: How Stories, Statistics, and Studies Exploit Our Biases – And What We Can Do about It

On The Power of Rituals

Q&A with Michael Norton, Harvard Business School professor and author of The Ritual Effect: From Habit to Ritual, Harness the Surprising Power of Everyday Actions

Visual Summary of Thinking in Bets

A friend was kind enough to send along this Visual summary of Thinking in Bets by Doug Neill over at Verbal to Visual. I love the beautiful and concise translation of the ideas in the book. I think Doug summarizes the book better than I could myself!