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ARTICLE: Annie Duke and Morgan Housel: Three Tools for Navigating Risk and Uncertainty

What do the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting market volatility have to teach us about risk, uncertainty, and investment decision making? Annie Duke and Morgan Housel explored this question in depth in a conversation at the 73rd CFA Institute Annual Virtual Conference last month that yielded a three-step rubric to help investors navigate the tumult.

Article: 10 Books that Have Helped Me Feel More In Control of My Life

EXCERPT: Humans are very bad at being wrong, which makes sense: it feels great to be right. So we generally default to assuming we know what we’re talking about. But years of playing professional poker taught Annie Duke that, in a game of cards, assuming you’re right is a sure path to

Article: This Famous Poker Player Can Help Investors Play a Tough Hand

After winning more than $4 million in tournament poker, Annie Duke has plenty of experience navigating risk—even the kind of risk that’s gripping the world today. A former winner of the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions and the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Duke now speaks widely and

Article: Decision making by Thinking in Bets: Annie Duke

Annie Duke: American poker player and author of the book, Thinking In Bets Shane Parrish: Host of The Knowledge Project If you have two hours, above-average patience, and don’t mind a lot of pauses for notetaking, the conversation between Annie Duke and Shane Parrish is compelling for three reasons: You will realize that you

Article: Create A Solid Plan On How To Fail Big This Year

Excerpt: For that reason, I believe it’s good to do what world poker champion Annie Duke calls a “premortem”: a detailed plan for what a failure would look like. Rather than mapping out a success, premortems map out a failure. Doing this, Duke posits, helps you develop better strategies for