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Deloitte Insights Magazine: The game-changing magic of knowing when to quit

In a world that champions hard work and perseverance as the keys to success, quitting is hard. Sometimes it feels downright shameful, especially when you’ve invested time, energy, or money into a decision. However, to become a smarter decision-maker, you need to master the art of quitting, argues Annie Duke.

X Talks with Annie Duke on Why Quitters Win

How can you tell the difference between a worthwhile challenge and a waste of time? World champion poker player and bestselling author Annie Duke returned to X to talk to us about the psychological barriers that prevent us from quitting pursuits that no longer serve us. Using analogies that spanned

#RenewDemocracy Rally

Annie joined Renew Democracy for their #RenewDemocracy Rally on President’s Day, Feb 15th, 2021 The rally wasorganized around the foundational principles of our nation: Civic Duty, Fairness, Freedom, and Opportunity.

ARTICLE: How Portfolio Management is Like Poker

How Portfolio Management is Like Poker Former world poker champion Annie Duke on her forthcoming book, educated guessing and the game she has yet to master. Annie Duke is an author, a former world poker champion, a business consultant and an expert on the behavioral pathways of decision-making. Her book, Thinking in