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“Why A Good Truth Is Hard To Find (Part I)” — Annie’s Newsletter, November 2, 2018

— Why A Good Truth Is Hard to Find (Part I)

Processing fluency: We like and believe things oft repeated

— Why A Good Truth Is Hard to Find (Part II)

The “confidence heuristic”: Make it simple, sound certain, and we’ll believe

— The Hidden Tribes Study

New data on why we’re polarized and where to go from here

The trouble surmounting the intractable minority

— Algorithms To The Rescue?

For fake-news detection, AI finds what we can already spot

— Morality To The Rescue of Algorithms?

If you’re concerned about self-driving cars making moral choices, this should make you feel better: Humans don’t even agree on those choices

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“My-Side Bias, Part II” — Annie’s Newsletter, October 26, 2018

1. MY-SIDE BIAS, PART II – The counterintuitive effect of training on mitigating bias
2. WHAT FRESH HELL …? – Midterm-election polls, pre-election expectations, and Nate Silver’s sobering message
3. TRANSPARENCY MATTERS – But sometimes HOW MUCH it matters depends on whether you’re looking OUT or looking IN
4. IS EIGHTY MILLION SUPPOSED TO BE A LOT? – Netflix seeds its narrative with a potentially meaningless statistic
5. TEST YOURSELF – Did these 21 social science experiments replicate?

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