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PODCAST: conversations with TYLER COWEN

For Annie Duke, the poker table is a perfect laboratory to study human decision-making — including her own. “It really exposes you to the way that you’re thinking,” she says, “how hard it is to avoid decision traps, even when you’re perfectly well aware that those decision traps exist. And how easy

Podcast: tc after dark

In this podcast, we discuss COVID and two of my books: Thinking in Bets & the upcoming How to Decide.

Podcast: Lombardi Line, Mar 29, 2020

Listen now. March 29, 2020 Patrick Meagher, Michael Lombardi and Josh Appelbaum are joined by Professional Poker Player Annie Duke. Annie discusses her book “Thinking in Bets” and various strategies she implements in cards and sports.

Podcast: All-Star Charts

Annie Duke is the author of one of my favorite books, “Thinking In Bets”. I often find myself recommending it to both colleagues and friends and family who aren’t even in our business. While the book might be written by a poker player, and is somewhat about poker, it’s really

Podcast: Advice to younger me

Episode 90: Making Better Decisions with Annie Duke Why you shouldn’t use pro and con lists in making decisions The first thing you should do before making an important decision How you should ask other people for advice when you are making a difficult decision Episode 90: Making Better Decisions


A decade after Elizabeth’s family left the U.S. to live in Portugal, they’re wondering if it’s time to move back. So, we turn to professional poker player, Annie Duke, who treats every decision like it’s a bet. She says think of each choice as a wager on your future self.

PODCAST: Trending in education

Episode Info We’re “all-in” this week, as we welcome Annie Duke, author of Thinking In Bets and retired poker pro, to the show. Annie begins by sharing the long, winding path she took to become an author and expert in decision science. From her time as a PhD student in

Podcast: peter attia #60 – Annie Duke, decision strategist:

Poker as a model system for life—how to improve decision making, use frameworks for learning, and apply ‘backcasting’ to boost your odds for future success “We don’t want [people] to be afraid of the bad outcomes. . .because we would like people to be innovative and push against the status