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Why Change Is So Scary –and How to Unlock Its potential

Maya Shankar's must-see TED Talk

Maya Shankar is and has been so many things.

She is the host of the hit podcast A Slight Change of Plans, Apple’s selection for “Best Show of the Year” in 2021.

During the Obama administration, she served as founder and chair of the White House Behavioral Science Team.

She has a postdoctoral fellowship in cognitive neuroscience from Stanford, a PhD from Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and a BA from Yale.

She was a violin prodigy and, at fourteen, a former private violin student of Itzhak Perlman prior to an injury derailing her career as a musician.

Maya’s life has taken so many twists and turns, making her the perfect person to explore change. Change offers the opportunity for exploration and growth. But change is also scary, no matter whether it is voluntary or foisted upon us.

Maya’s fabulous TED talk helps us understand how to embrace change and unlock its potential.

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