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Exciting Announcement from the Alliance for Decision Education

$12.5 Million to Support Research Efforts Related to Decision Education

$12.5 Million to Support Research Efforts Related to Decision Education

The Alliance for Decision Education is thrilled to announce that we have received $12.5 million in philanthropic funding to support our Decision Education Research Grants and Awards Program. This initiative will propel research on decision-making skills in K-12 students, shaping a brighter future for all.

Ali Abbas Ph.D., Alliance Advisory Council member and Professor of Engineering and Expert on Decision and Risk Analysis at the University of Southern California said:

“The topic of Decision Education in K-12 classrooms should be on the mind of every parent, teacher, and local, state, and federal government official. This substantial investment in research will help the Alliance establish a knowledge base to understand and implement the most effective ways to bring Decision Education to K-12 classrooms.”

As a field builder, the Alliance commits to catalyzing groundbreaking research that will accelerate the Decision Education movement and improve lives for generations to come.

Through this pioneering program, we will invest in innovative research projects and recognize exceptional contributions to the field. Applications for funding will be released in the coming months and will be open to researchers of various academic backgrounds, including behavioral science, decision science, education, economics, and more.

Stay tuned for information on future grants and awards.

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