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FREE Lightning Class on Decision Agility

Join me Tuesday 2/27 at 2pm Eastern for a 30 minute class on when and how to speed up your decisions

On Tuesday, February 27th I will be offering a FREE lightning class on

This will be a 30 minute lesson covering:

How to overcome paralysis by analysis

Get simple tools for making higher-quality decisions more efficiently.

Why impact and optionality matter for decision speed

Use my easy-to-implement framework to figure out when to slow down and when to speed up your decisions.

The two phases of decision making: Sorting vs. picking

Leverage sorting (finding options that are good enough) and picking (selecting among those options).


Making decisions too quickly can be a disaster. But so can making decisions too slowly, getting caught in an endless loop of analysis that brings on insignificant and incremental informational gains. Having the frameworks to figure out when to slow down your decisions and when to speed up them up offers a key competitive advantage, as well as more peace of mind!

Here are the details! I hope you can join me!

When: Tue, Feb 27, 2024 2:00 PM EST (30 minutes)

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

Cost: Free to join