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Newsletter: Fake news lands on Mars

Fake news lands on Mars New research about inoculating ourselves against misinformation. By now, you’ve probably seen a video of NASA’s Perseverance rover on the Martian landscape.

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NEWSLETTER: “What i’ve been reading”

I’ve been deep into the research for my next book and thought I would share some of what I am reading for it. Check out my newsletter today for recommendations. 👇🏻

Perhaps you can surmise the topic from the books I am recommending!

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“Don’t Have a Crystal Ball?” — Annie’s Newsletter, January 18, 2019

DON’T HAVE A CRYSTAL BALL? – Base rates are the next best thing.

“WANNA BET?” ON THE STOCK MARKET – An illustration of thinking in bets when you have little knowledge or expertise.

THE PARADOX OF UNCERTAINTY- Counterintuitively, being more uncertain leads to greater accuracy.

CIVIL DISAGREEMENT? ON THE INTERNET? – Reddit’s Change My View forum.

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Media Kit

Annie’s media kit includes high resolution images, as well as her bio and a fact sheet with key information, including links to media, videos and more.