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Passion Struck Podcast: How You Get Good at Quitting

In This Episode of Passion Struck, Annie Duke Discusses Her Latest Book, Quit, And Why Quitting Is Integral To Success

Annie Duke, who gained expertise in quitting from her successful career as a professional poker player on the world stage, advocates for quitting things more frequently. In our interview, she delves into the science of quitting and teaches us how to overcome our obstacles and develop the ability to quit when it’s necessary. We discuss her latest book: Quit The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away.

When faced with difficult decisions, individuals and organizations often struggle to abandon failing products or strategies, even when it’s clear that they are not working. As Annie Duke argues, this reluctance to quit is a significant obstacle to success. It affects not only business leaders, who may lose millions of dollars on unsuccessful ventures, but also governments, which may persist in unwinnable conflicts. Even in our personal lives, we may continue in relationships or careers that no longer benefit us.