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Decision Fatigue Is Real. Here’s How to Beat It This Year.

Read full article here >> It’s no fun to admit it, but stalling is a decision in and of itself, says Annie Duke, a former professional poker player and author of “How to Decide.” Remind yourself that many decisions can be undone or tweaked later, she says. Picture yourself a

Positivity Is Overrated: How Negative Thinking Can Make Us Happier

As Annie Duke explains in her book How to Decide, your life is largely determined by two things: the quality of your decisions and the luck that you get. At times in your life, you might make great decisions but be plagued with bad luck that leads to bad outcomes. No matter

Prioritizing Diversity Can Lead to Better Business Decisions — If Done Correctly

Read on Medium here >> Diversity goals and business goals are inextricably linked; diversity translates into better business results and more innovation. Yet, we have seen that increasing pressure to address diversity concerns from customers, employees, and the general public has resulted in executive teams responding quickly and acting out of fear, without

tHE bulwark: Democracy Is No Game

How to save American democracy after Trump is gone. by ANNIE DUKE AND GARRY KASPAROV  JULY 10, 2020  Read full article here. The country is burning, literally and figuratively, torn apart first by a deadly virus and then by protests and violence in the wake of the death of George Floyd

aRTICLE: fORBES- Don’t Fail Faster, Learn Faster: A Three-Step Strategy

Read article here. “The only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else,” said Eric Ries, author of The Lean Start-Up. And yet, most people — regardless how brilliant or talented they are — don’t extract as much learning out of their experience as they could.  If you were mining for